Dear Momma,


If there is one thing I love most in this world it is being this girls momma.

Motherhood is life changing. We become stronger, braver and selfless in ways we never thought could possibly happen. Some days seem like they are never ending between the fussing, diaper changes and house work that needs to be done. However, when we look back we wish time would slow down. We wish those little baby cuddles would last a lifetime and those first words would happen over and over again. We blink and wonder how in the world they got so big. You see motherhood is full of emotions. Its full of emotions we can control some days and others we can’t seem to get a hold of. Our amazing husbands stand right next to us in the midst of this chaos. They hold our hands, try helping us even when it is not “good enough” and are incredibly patient. They will never truly understand how we are feeling but try their best to and love us through it all, and for that I am so thankful. No matter how hard we try to prepare for being a mom we just can’t. The amount of love we have for our child/children is indescribable. Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I personally have ever experienced throughout my lifetime. Every tear that is shed and everything I have sacrificed for my sweet girl is worth it all. I can truly look back at this past nine months and tell you I have no regrets in anything I have done as a mother. From holding her for every nap, to picking her up when she is fussing and wants momma, to her still sleeping right next to me in bed, I don’t regret a single thing. I want to encourage you today to stop comparing yourself to other moms or researching what is right or what is wrong on google. I encourage you to follow your motherly instinct and to become the best mom you can be for your child or children. I encourage you to put down your phones and to be present in their lives and to listen to their needs. You are their momma and you know what is best for them. No one else does. We are given this incredible privilege to be their momma so I believe we should take that and do the best we can with it. Even though we celebrate Mother’s Day today, I believe we along with Dads should be celebrated every day. Today is just one day out of the 365 days a year we get to love and raise these precious babies. <32018-05-13_0005.jpg

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